Sunday, 1 January 2017

A converted Gas station in Berlin

My heart skipped a beat when I found these photos of a converted 1950's Gas station were found over at Freunde von freunden. The home in Sch√∂neberg, Berlin was brought and converted by gallery owner Juerg Judin after 13 years of admiring it from afar....

How long have you had the gas station?
I bought it in 2005, but the first time I saw it was in 1992. It had already been on the market for seven years, unused. A ‘For Sale’ sign with a phone number hung in the window. I photographed the place almost every time I was in Berlin, documenting its slow decay. Here was this somewhat sad useless construction in a perfect central location – it fascinated me and somehow called to me: do something with me!
You had been taking photos of the building for quite a while. Why did you wait so long to buy it?
At the time, I was commuting between London and Zurich. In 1992, I spent a wonderful summer in Berlin for a film production and fell in love with the city. After that, I started coming here regularly and going past the station. One day, after 13 years, the for-sale sign was suddenly gone. I thought, Oh God, someone bought my gas station.
Then what?
Then it turned out that the sign had simply fallen down; the gas station was still to be had. At that point, I knew, Okay, that was probably a wake-up call.

To read more about Jour.'s home and see more photos visit Freunde von Freunden


moonpoppy said...

What a surprising space,who knew a such a "cold" place could be turned in to such a natural and relaxed home!

Sarmatix said...

Only one word: Wooow! Happy New Year :-)

Steve Berke said...

I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

Keep up the good work :) from, Home Buys Plus